Other Projects

Workflow Optimisation

Outlined in the GP Forward View as one of the 10 ‘high impact actions’, Workflow Optimisation is an initiative that focusses on training practice administrators to process clinical correspondence in a safe and efficient manner. Traditionally, the administration of such correspondence was a time-consuming task completed by GPs. Training administrators in this field enables them to carry out this important task, thus releasing GP capacity.

Summer 2017 saw NCGPA appoint Practice Unbound to roll out their acclaimed Workflow Optimisation training programme across practices in Nottingham city. Keep an eye on our News/Blog page for updates onhow the programme is going.

Vulnerable Practices and Resilience Programme

In 2017, NCGPA were tasked by Nottingham City CCG to manage the Vulnerable Practices Programme in the city. The programme, instructed in NHS England’s 2016 GP Forward View, involved the allocation of fundingto practices identified by the CCG as vulnerable and in need of support to improve their resilience.

NHS England also recognised that building resilience into the care system is a factor that all practices should be supported in. This saw the announcement of the General Practice Resilience Programme; a project NCGPA were also appointed to manage by Nottingham City CCG.

Under these programmes, practices were able to access funding to assist them with aspects such as:

  • Diagnostic support
  • Specialist advice or guidance e.g. HR, IT, Management and finance.
  • Coaching, Supervision and Mentorship
  • Practice management capacity support
  • Rapid intervention and management support for practices at risk of closure
  • Coordinated support for practices struggling with workforce issues
  • Change management

Clinical Pharmacists In General Practice

Following on from a successful countrywide pilot, 2016 saw NHS England announce their commitment to continue supporting the Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice Programme.

The programme involves a Clinical Pharmacist working as a fully embedded member of the general practice team. Here, they are able to provide patient facing services such as medication reviews, long term condition management and support with secondary care discharges.

NCGPA were successful in their bid to manage this programme here in Nottingham city.In early 2017, work began in recruiting and developing 6 clinical pharmacists, all of whom will work in city practices providing invaluable support and expertise to the practice teams.

The programme is managed by Gerald Ellis of Primary Integrated Community Services.