Welcome to Nottingham City General Practice Alliance

Working together to anchor General Practice in Nottingham City as an outstanding provider of high quality and sustainable care

After a year of development work, early 2016 saw the establishment of Nottingham city’s 1st GP Federation – Nottingham City General Practice Alliance (NCGPA).
Comprising 47 GP Practice Provider members, and covering a population of over 336,000 patients, NCGPA is committed to combining the time honoured valued of List-Based General Practice with the benefits of working together at scale.

NCGPA is a Company Limited by shares, with its member practices being equal shareholders. The company is managed by a board of 8 elected representatives from member practices and 3 co-opted positions representing nursing, lay and non-principal GPs. The day to day running of the company is through a Senior Management team comprising the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer along with the Company’s Chief Operating Officer.